iDemi Docs
Tokens and Fees
dApp fees
The DEMI token is holding a big and fundamental part in this project. Fees will be in both BNB and DEMI.
This is the exchange of one token for another. For example BNB to DEMI token or so...
When swapping, you will pay a 0.3% fee which 0.16% is returned to liquidity pools as rewards to the liquidity providers, 0.1% is sent to iDemi Transfer treasury, and 0.04% is sent to buy back and burn.
Yield Farming
This is the staking of cryptocurrency tokens to get rewards in the form of transaction interests.
High APY on our farms. Users will be earning DEMI tokens after staking on our farms.
Fees will be 0.4% and 2 DEMI tokens to join any pool on our farms. No fees are charged for harvesting.
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