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How to buy DEMI token
How to buy $DEMI with your Android/IOS
STEP 1 - Visit our website
On the top right of the page, click on the navicon icon and tap JOIN PRESALE
Or on desktop, click on JOIN PRESALE
STEP 2 - enter the amount of BNB you wish to convert to DEMI token.
(NOTE: you must have BNB in your wallet). The amount of $DEMI token will automatically be converted on the DEMI bar, then click BUY.
STEP 3 - Connect your wallet (Metamask, Trust wallet, etc)
There are two ways to connect wallet;
  1. 1.
    Mobile: you have to connect your wallet manually by selecting a wallet
confirm transaction then return to iDemi.
2. QR code: you will have to sign-in to your mobile then select Binance smart chain (BNB), then click send.
After clicking send, then tap the scan icon.
Scan the QR code and confirm the transaction, then return to iDemi site.
How to buy $DEMI using your PC
STEP 1 - Visit our website
On the top right click on join presale
After STEP 1, Click on connect wallet
Note: you must have a wallet on your PC (e.g metamask extension)
Choose metamask
STEP 2 - After selecting, Your installed wallet will appear on your screen
confirm your wallet and click Next
STEP 3 - Return to site, enter amount, click BUY
Finnally, on your wallet CONFIRM transaction.
You can add $DEMI contract address;
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